Melissa Lunardon
Interior Design & Styling

Motel 617

 MOTEL 617, Kiama NSW

A while ago I decided I wanted to reach out to run down motels and hotels that were in need of an update. There are so many great roadside motels that have great bones but just need a little love and attention. I just didn't know where to start as the accommodation industry was so new to me.

That's when I contacted Michelle Gatzoubaros, who is an experienced hotel and tourism coach and consultant. We both thought there is a gap in the market to assist motel/hotel operators in refreshing their rooms, and with Michelle's expertise, we can show them them the extra revenue they can make from beautifully furnished rooms! One year later, we have formed The Guest Room.

This is an extension of my services and recently we were invited to Kiama, NSW to refresh Motel 617! Below is the end result of our refurbishment solution we offered to the motel owners. They are over the moon and now advertise this room as an upgrade and can increase their daily room rate. In turn, this will increase revenue and their occupancy rate! Win win all round!

WEB Motel 617-1.jpg
hotel room refresh