Redesign TV Show with Melissa Lunardon

I have been working on a very exciting pilot for a brand new tv show called REDESIGN, where I transform the ordinary cafe into Australia‘s best place to be, and take homes to the next level in contemporary design. The design and renovation process will unfold on your TV screen. I will take a basic design idea and craft it into something truly spectacular. In this nationwide TV show we travel the length and breadth of this great country to find cafes‘ and homes in desperate need of a makeover to create an inspiring and trendy interior for both the owners and their patrons to truly enjoy.  It's all under wraps at the moment but I cant wait to share more! For now, here is a teaser....

Episode- How to Select Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great statement piece to any room, so I want to share with you my tips on how to use them the right way.

Keep in mind the style of your home, and find a pendant that will suit as it will become part of the soft furnishings. Compliment your existing textures and a pendant light can tie the room together.
What will you be using the light for? If your after feature lighting, add a dimmer switch to create versatility.

What is the size of the space you are wanting to use a pendant light in? The pendant light needs to be in proportion of the space. A large pendant in a small room, can make the space feel cluttered.

If your hanging a pendant light over a dining table, they should be hung roughly 1.7m from the floor. This ensures the pendant light wont get in the way when seated at the table.

Pendant lights are a great way to zone areas and visually separate a large open plan space. You can do this by clustering pendant lights over a dining table or by using 2 larger pendants to make a statement.

You can use pendant lights as task lighting over an island bench and look better in odd numbers

They can also be used to fill a space such as stair voids, hallways or entrance areas.

I hope you find these tips helpful and please feel free to contact me if you need some advice on your next design project. You can email me at

Have a fabulous weekend!
Melissa xx

Stylish Christmas Inspiration

I just LOVE this festive time of year! I was too excited to wait until December 1st to put up our Christmas decorations- they were already up mid-November!!
There is something special about decorating for Christmas and I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite and easy DIY decorations you can create with your family.

Clockwise- from top left.

1. Add an element of greenery to your festive wrapping. You could use rosemary, ferns or eucalyptus cuttings.

2. This branch installation would look fabulous over a dining table or buffet as a feature. I found these paper hanging stars from Ikea. You can find them here. You can hang the stars at different lengths with twine or ribbon. add a few power operated fair lights to illuminate!

3. How cut are these mini Christmas trees?! They are from Kiki-Ki and are perfect for creating a little festive scene under a cloche.

4. You can use beautiful little tree decorations as napkin holders and double up as a little gift for your guests. If you are a great baker (that I am not!) you could make gingerbread trees and pierce a hole and thread some bakers twine.

I would love to see what DIY decorations you have come up with, so please tag me on Instagram at @melissa_lunardon !!

Have a fabulous weekend!
Melissa xx

P.S If you haven't downloaded my DESIGN DIRECTORY yet, you can do so here !
I have put together a list of my favourite suppliers ranging from furniture, lighting and artwork, so you can tackle your next decorating project with ease!

Featured in the Media!

What an amazing week it has been around here! Not only did I meet with lovely new clients that I cannot wait to work with, but also my Cheltenham project has been featured on Interiors Addict!
It has been such an exciting time to see my work appreciated by many others to enjoy.

You can read more of the blog here..


I was invited by United Interiors to style their showroom and art gallery which was lots of fun!
It was great to preview their new collections, which is all about muted colours and lots of texture.
As you may not have already noticed, I'm a big fan of colour, so I couldn't help myself by adding a huge "wow" piece of art in one of the lounge areas I styled!!

I was also asked to share a few tips on coffee table styling, which is real easy to follow.
You can read more about my visit here.

Palm Springs Styling

Palm Springs is a place I need to visit. I am drawn by the mid-century architecture, beautiful landscapes and stunning interiors of residential homes and hotels.
The “Palm Springs” style is a combination of modern minimalism and old Hollywood glamour. I have noticed this look is making its way back and I am so excited because I feel it is a style that can suit most. The ultra-modernist, lover of mid-century and the bold colourful type!
 I want to share with you a collection of images that best captures the style and how you can create the look yourself.

Pendant Light- Sokol
Chair- Globe West
Coffee Table- Globe West
Cushion- Etsy

Pinterest Picks of the Week- Coffee Table Styling

Happy Friday guys! This week has flown by and I nearly forgot about my Friday Pins!!
I've been busily pinning away as I will be styling 4 display homes next week for a photoshoot. I dig deep into Pinterest for inspo on all sorts of styling to help with the shoot. Styling for photography versus styling for everyday homes is completely different, as the camera lens takes a whole different view of the space.
While on my search, I have come across some beautiful, well styled coffee tables and I just had to share!

Its quite simple to make a coffee table look great, you just need to start with the basics that you may have lying around the house.


1. Start with a stack of books or magazines as its a great way to add height and colour to the table.
2. Add a tray next to the stack of books. This sections the area of the table and creates interest.
3. Add a natural element to carry through some texture. A nice bunch of flowers in a short vase, a crystal, coral or a timber branch. You can place this on the stack of books, or in the tray.
4. A scented candle always smell divine and add that special glow at night.
5. Lastly, add in some personal items whether it be trinkets from travelling, an old vintage time piece, or a patterned jar.

Online Interior Design Service

Foxtrot Studio is my brand new business which provides a professional online interior design service, without breaking the bank. You can achieve a well-designed space with the help of an interior designer and feel confident in your selections.

How it Works

Email the room or area you would like to re-design. You will then be sent a questionnaire which will help identify your key requirements.

You will also be asked to send in the following:

·         Detailed photos of the room from all angles.

·         Measurements of the room which include doorways, windows and any built in cabinetry.

·         The completed questionnaire, including the budget.

Within 3 weeks you will receive the following:

·         A concept board including recommendations on wall paint, fabric, lighting, furniture, artwork etc.

·         Recommendations on utilising existing furniture.

·         A detailed specification schedule outlining what needs to be completed to achieve the proposed scheme. It will also include prices of each item and where they can be purchased from.

·         A floor plan showing the proposed layout of furniture, rugs, lighting and any accent walls.


From $150 per room
If you are interested, feel free to email me at

House Update

What do you think of my yellow front door?! Who would walk into our house and not have a smile on their face after seeing that?! I know it's not everyone's taste, but I love colour and just a little peak of it on the exterior of the house is so fun! I think it works really well as our front door is a side entry, so you don't see the colour of the front door until you walk up the driveway. 

The plumber and electricians completed their fit-offs this week. The carpet is to go in as well as the timber flooring and we are on the home stretch!!

About Me

Hi and thanks for stopping by! I'm Melissa, a Melbourne based Interior Designer. I work on display homes for a volume builder by day and at night I love to share all that the wonderful finds I come across.

I recently got married in beautiful Fiji in 2014 and during the same time, we have knocked down our first house we bought and built two beautiful townhouses. I love sharing the process of the build as it's so exciting to see our ideas come to life! I look forward to moving in and to what  I do best... decorating!!

I love to hunt down bargain vintage furniture on nature strips, (to my husband's embarrassment) op shops or online and give them new life by painting and upholstering. 

Feel free to send me an email  if you would love to work with me or if you would like to see something specific on Design Talk.

Guest Blogging for Hayley Gemma

I was very excited to guest blog for Hayley Gemma over on her blog yesterday! You can click on her name to read it in full. Hayley is Perth based Interior Designer and I feel we have such similar tastes!

I adore homes that feel so cosy and inviting and the home that I shared on her blog is exactly that! The 20th century warehouse conversion was designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. I wont give too much away, so go over to Hayley Gemma to see more!

My Bedroom Buys

As mentioned in my post last week, our home we are building is nearly ready for us to move in! I keep reminding my husband every day, but I think he is getting a little tired of it now! I still can't envisage that we will be living in a brand new home that we have designed and have been dreaming about for years! I've already nick-named it "The Hamptons". I'll have to share some more progress pics with you, as the weatherboards have been painted and the scaffolding finally came down today, so I want to go past there on the weekend and take some photos. 
Amongst all this excitement, I have been purchasing bits and pieces to make our home reflect our personalities and style.

Today I wanted to share with you some of those pieces I have bought for our bedroom.
I LOVE colour and think it looks great complimented with natural materials.
So to add that natural element, I'm thinking of creating a bedhead out of plywood. I love the grain it features and turns out to be an inexpensive piece.

I bought two Ikea Frosta stools as my bedside tables and will either dip half of the legs in a pastel paint colour, or just paint the top.
The Metro Copper table lamps from Freedom are the perfect fit as it wont take up too much room sitting on the stools. 
I was very lucky to get my very own Lovestar wall vase in neon pink for Christmas, so that will sit nicely above my side of the bed! Fresh flowers will make the room sing!
Lastly I want to frame my first Emily Green water colour print which will hang alongside the Lovestar vase. 

1. Tutti Frutti Pillowcase- Castle and Things
2. Metro Copper Table Lamp - Freedom
3. Lovestar wall vase- Lovestar
4. Spot Cushion Yellow - Middle of Nowhere
5. Square Cushion- Middle of Nowhere
6. Frosta Stool- Ikea
7. Water colour Print- Emily Green

My dilemma is what colour linen quilt cover to use? I absolutely love yellow, (our front door will be painted gloss yellow!) and found a set from Bambury and thought a chunky knitted charcoal throw will break up the colour, but will it be too much??

Or.... should I do the reverse and use a charcoal quilt cover with yellow knitted throw to bring out the colour of the feature pillow cases??

Would love to know what you think or if you have another idea!!

Our townhouses update!

Our house is moving along so fast, I can't keep up with posting progress photos!

I put together a quick Flipagram to give you a glimpse on how our homes are taking shape.

The kitchens are in and the painting and tiling has finished. The trades will start to fit off all the plumbing and electrical items next week.
Can't wait to see our twin ceiling shower dumpers in the ensuite!

We have only 4 more weeks to move in!!!

Pinterest Picks of the Week

Welcome to my new Friday segment where I will share my favourite images from Pinterest!

I have been researching lots of Hollywood Regency interiors this week, as it has been my inspiration for a new display home I am furnishing.

These gorgeous pics of Pinterest I have found, truly represent what I love about the Hollywood Regency style; luxe, over the top and colourful!

You can get the same look of this stunning dining room here!

Via Pinterest

Its quite easy to achieve the Hollywood Regency look. High impact, patterned  rugs can look great under a dining table or living area. Gold or brass side tables and coffee tables are definitely in at the moment. You can also try your hand at upcycling some bamboo/cane furniture and spraying them in bright, saturated colours. You can also finish the look with velvet cushions and a pair of tall, bold lamps!

Happy Friday!! xx

My New Home Office Inspiration

Now that our house is nearing completion (move in next month!!), I have started to put together some furniture concept boards for each room to help me envisage each space.

I am really excited to get stuck into decorating and wanted to share my ideas for my very first home office/studio. I can’t believe I get a whole room to create in! I’ve been so used to sprawling out on our dining table for years.

While searching for inspiration, I came acrosss a co-working company called WeWork. They caught my attention as they have quite a few offices all over the world for creative businesses to meet, work and connect. I love how their interiors don’t feel like a boring a office space, and have separate work areas to lounge. It feels homely, fresh and contemporary. I want my home office to feel the same; inspiring, relaxing and a space for me to enjoy working on exciting projects.

My Home Office/Studio Inspiration Board

I love the simplicity of a monochromatic scheme with added details of natural elements and pops of colour. I am envisaging lots of greenery throughout our house and believe including them in my home office will bring lots of energy and life to the room. I’m hoping I don’t kill them all in the first week of moving in!

My love of DIY will most certainly be apparent as I want to create an inspiration board made out of reinforcement steel and pegs. Magazine clippings, photos and samples I adore can be hung and also double as art.

I was very lucky that my husband bought me a 2015 Stendig calendar for Christmas! This will hang very proudly above my trestle table desk.

I’ve started to purchase a few of these pieces and can’t wait to see it all come together and start blogging in my very own home office!

1. Trestle Table Desk  || Nordic Days 

2. Ethnicraft Nordic Buffet  ||  Globe West
3. Yellow Wire Stool  ||  Pro Forma 
4. 2015 Stendig Calendar  ||  Beautiful Pages 
5. Replica Eames DAW Armchair  || Interior Secrets
6. Dandelion Flower Rug  ||  Armadillo & Co.
7. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree  ||  The Design Chaser
8. Steel Inspiration Board  ||  Nordic Design 

Stylish House Boat renovation by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick

While I was flicking through the latest issue of Vogue Living magazine this week, and I came across a sleek and stylish project by a local interior design firm called Pipkorn & Kilpatrick.

At this point, I hadn't read the article yet, I was simply blown away by gorgeous imagery and style of the space. Then as I was reading along, I realised it was a renovated house boat on Lake Eildon in Victoria!

I had been to Lake Eildon before, and seen the style of house boats sitting on the lake; old and run down but definitely    looked like a fun family holiday home.
You would instantly think that the renovated house boat that the designers of Pipkorn & Kilpatrick so effortlessly designed, was a home sitting in a leafy inner city suburb of Melbourne!

The overall design is actually quite simple and lets the surroundings speak for itself. The natural beauty of the lake and the leafy bushland was their inspiration for the project.

I love the contrast of the black details and warm timber panelling which gives the interior a sleek and contemporary look.

The fact that they have a full size sofa and designer furniture pieces and accessories truly make this house boat a home.

DIY Fabric Vase

Welcome to my first DIY post! I have been wanting to start this segment for a while, but found that my photography skills weren’t up to scratch and didn’t really show off my DIY skills.
So I decided to attend a photography workshop, hosted by the talented Prue Aja. 
I finally learnt how to use my DSLR off automatic mode, and boy… what a difference!!! I’m still not confident but I am brave enough to share with you my first step by step DIY tutorial from Paper N Stitch Blog. You can find the original tutorial from her blog here.
I wanted to find an easy DIY as it was easy to shoot while I was in the workshop and didn’t have to worry too much. I even learnt how to edit the photos too!! very excited!!
So here is how you can turn old tin cans into flower vases or pot plant holders. As I said its very easy to recreate and inexpensive.

You will need the following:

Old tin cans
Spray adhesive

Step 1:
Cut enough fabric to wrap around the tin. Allow approx. 1 cm of fabric to fold around the rim of the can.

Step 2:
Spray the outside of the can with spray adhesive.

Step 3:
Lay the can on the edge of the pre-cut fabric and start to roll the can until it is covered in the fabric.

Step 4:
Spray the inside rim of the can and fold over the remaining fabric to create a neat edge.

Ta Daaaaaa!!!

These decorated cans can work great as vases, potted succulents or pencil holders.
Would love to see your upcycled cans on Facebook or Instagram and make sure you hashtag #designtalk!