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How to Style your Coffee Table

Its quite simple to make a coffee table look great, you just need to start with the basics that you may have lying around the house.


1. Start with a stack of books or magazines as its a great way to add height and colour to the table.

2. Add a tray next to the stack of books. This sections the area of the table and creates interest.

3. Add a natural element to carry through some texture. A nice bunch of flowers in a short vase, a crystal, coral or a timber branch. You can place this on the stack of books, or in the tray.

4. A scented candle always smell divine and add that special glow at night.

5. Lastly, add in some personal items whether it be trinkets from travelling, an old vintage time piece, or a patterned jar.


A vignette is a curated collection of homewares, trinkets and personal items that are grouped together. You can effortlessly style your home by following these simple steps to create a cohesive look:

Start with larger items such as a vase, table lamp or artwork.

Then continue adding to the cluster but remember to work in odd numbers- 3 or 5 work best.

Bring in pieces that have a personal meaning. You don't want your home to look like a display home- your home should be a reflection of you and your personality.

Play around with different heights and scale If you are styling with books, play around with some stacked and some standing up.

Adding greenery always bring the space to life Take a step back and see how it looks- it may need some tweaking and that ok. Remember not every surface needs to be covered and the eye needs to rest so having an empty space is a good thing!

Melissa Lunardon
Bathroom Design Workshop with Reece Bathrooms


I have teamed up with Reece Bathrooms to host an exciting Bathroom 101 Workshop next month!

If you are planning on renovating your bathroom this Spring and need some ideas to get started, come along to get you prepared!

This is a FREE event hosted at the Reece Brighton showroom.

In this workshop, we’ll take you through all the need-to-know information you’ll need to complete a successful renovation and create a bathroom that’s better than you ever imagined.
We’ll be covering:

  • How to find your bathroom vision

  • The top trends we’re seeing in Australian bathrooms

  • Tips for planning your bathroom renovation and how to effectively plan your space

  • A step-by-step outline of the bathroom renovation process

We’ll also provide you with our latest Bathroom Kit, packed full of knowledge to set you up for your renovation.
We can’t wait to see you on the day to get you started!


Melissa Lunardon
Coastal Modern Mood Board- How to get the Look
Modern Coastal Mood Board

I have been working with some great clients at the moment who have approached me to furnish their Living/Dining and Master Bedroom.

During our Initial Design Consult, I ask lots of questions to understand the brief to ensure I understand their requirements, style and outcome.

With all this information, we start off the design process with the Concept Stage.
The Concept Stage includes a Mood Board which is a collection of inspirational images, and suggested colour palette to give you a sense of the overall look and feel of the space. It's a collection of thoughts and feelings all in once space to help form a clear design direction so we don't go off tangent when it comes to the shopping component of the process!

Above is a Mood Board I put together for my clients and based on their brief from the Initial Design Consult, they want their new home to feel warm, inviting and reflect the beautiful beach-side environment.

To create a Modern Coastal interior, below are a few tips to help you on your way:

  • Incorporate a mix of timber, rattan and linen to create a relaxed feel

  • Pops of tan leather and navy are very popular at the moment and that's because these two tones work so beautifully together.

  • Furniture should be comfy and relaxing. Think plush sofas in removable/washable covers.

  • Introduce soft sheer curtains for your window treatments.

  • Keep your homewares to a minimum. The overall feel should be light and airy.

If you are struggling to visualise how your home can look, get in touch. We can work together on one room or your whole house.

My design process is easy and I can guide you on how your home can reflect your style and personality. It's important to gather all this information first, otherwise, you will be walking through furniture showrooms blindfolded and utterly overwhelmed!!

Melissa Lunardon