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Coastal Modern Mood Board- How to get the Look
Modern Coastal Mood Board

I have been working with some great clients at the moment who have approached me to furnish their Living/Dining and Master Bedroom.

During our Initial Design Consult, I ask lots of questions to understand the brief to ensure I understand their requirements, style and outcome.

With all this information, we start off the design process with the Concept Stage.
The Concept Stage includes a Mood Board which is a collection of inspirational images, and suggested colour palette to give you a sense of the overall look and feel of the space. It's a collection of thoughts and feelings all in once space to help form a clear design direction so we don't go off tangent when it comes to the shopping component of the process!

Above is a Mood Board I put together for my clients and based on their brief from the Initial Design Consult, they want their new home to feel warm, inviting and reflect the beautiful beach-side environment.

To create a Modern Coastal interior, below are a few tips to help you on your way:

  • Incorporate a mix of timber, rattan and linen to create a relaxed feel

  • Pops of tan leather and navy are very popular at the moment and that's because these two tones work so beautifully together.

  • Furniture should be comfy and relaxing. Think plush sofas in removable/washable covers.

  • Introduce soft sheer curtains for your window treatments.

  • Keep your homewares to a minimum. The overall feel should be light and airy.

If you are struggling to visualise how your home can look, get in touch. We can work together on one room or your whole house.

My design process is easy and I can guide you on how your home can reflect your style and personality. It's important to gather all this information first, otherwise, you will be walking through furniture showrooms blindfolded and utterly overwhelmed!!

Melissa Lunardon
How can an Interior Designer save my sanity?

Let's get straight to the point. Building/renovating is bloody expensive. It's stressful and sometimes can be overwhelming. "What do you mean there is more than one one to choose from?"

Yes, hiring an interior designer is an added cost to consider, but can save you time, money and your sanity down the track. Let me explain how:

Part of my services includes sitting down together and sketching up layouts for your  Kitchen, Bathroom, Ensuite, Laundry or other areas of your home. I provide detailed drawings to show you how each room will look and we will work together until you are completely happy with the outcome. We will note how high the tiles will be in the bathroom to which side you would like your dish drainer to go in your kitchen.

If you have problems visualising, that's not a problem! I provide 3D rendered drawings so you can get an idea of how it will look.

Once the drawings are confirmed, we will then work together to start selecting paint colours, flooring, benchtop, cabinetry, tapware, appliances, carpet... the list goes on. There is lots to select but I will assist you throughout the whole process, give you advice and point you in the right direction on trusted suppliers and brands.
We will visit showrooms together but if you don't have the time to do that- I will do the running around for you and present you with a suggested colour palette for you to approve.

Your style, budget and lifestyle are all taken into consideration throughout the whole process.

So now that the drawings are finalised, and colours are all selected, I can then issue you with a documentation package.
This includes:
- Full set of detailed drawings including elevations
- Colour and Materials Schedule 
- Sample Board

What do these documents help with? Finding the right builder of course! 
You can then hand these documents over to a few builders to start quoting. It is important that the builder includes all items listed in the Colour and Materials Schedule and drawings.
This means you will receive a fairly accurate price upfront and should eliminate any variations down the tracks.
Some builders just quote on standard items and then when it comes to ordering all your items, they realise the tiles we selected are 600x600 porcelain tiles and not the standard old 400x400 ceramic tiles he allowed for in his quote. It then means you get a rude shock and handed a variation every time this happens.
His quote might come back cheap at the start, but boy will it blow out once construction has finished.

Then finally once you have found the right builder, works can commence and the builder and myself can communicate together throughout the construction process to iron out any questions he may have.

So as you can see, there is more to an interior designers service offering other than "fluffing cushions". 
As mentioned earlier, there are lots of elements to consider when starting your renovation or new build project and someone like myself can alleviate the stress and ensure you have a beautiful home that reflects your personality and needs.

Click on the button below to get in touch and we can arrange a quick phone call to discuss what stage you are at in your project and how we can work together. 

Melissa Lunardon
How to Select Kitchen Finishes- Part 1

Designing a new kitchen can be quite overwhelming and there are so many choices out there. Gloss? Matt? Stone? Marble? 
I believe you can create a beautiful kitchen on all budget levels, so today I wanted to introduce you to a few options on cabinetry finishes. I've listed these different finishes from least expensive, to high end. I'm sure each cabinet maker will quote your kitchen slightly different but this is a gauge to know where to start selecting from.


Textured Laminate

Laminex and Polytec have a great range of textured laminates in a range of plain and timber looks that give the appearance of timber veneer. This is an affordable option and has a beautiful grain to touch.
You can play around with the direction of the timber grain and run it horizontal, or vertical which is what I have done in the above Williamstown project.

Sheen Melamine

If you are after a slight gloss to your kitchen, a sheen melamine board is a great alternative to achieve a gloss kitchen. Keep in mind with any lighter colours, you will notice a thin black edging.


Ultra Matt Melamine

This fantastic new product is a reveluction to the industry! You can create the look of a matt 2-pack high end kitchen with this affordable ultra matt product. Laminex call it AbsoluteMatte and Polytec called it Legato. 
This velvet smooth finish is finger proof resistant (to some degree, I believe) is great for a handless kitchen and creates a contemporary look.

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrap is made by stretching a thin sheet of vinyl over a cut and routed piece of MDF. First, glue is applied to the door and edge and then the vinyl is vacuum sealed to the door so you get a seamless look with no visible edges. Its thermoformed surface makes it resistant to the usual knocks and bumps of a busy household and is easy to keep clean.
Vinyl wrap gives you the flexibility to introduce a range of profiles and is available in gloss, matt or textured finishes. There is a range of standard colours you can select from, depending on which brand you select.
Vinyl wrap cannot be used on horizontal surfaces such as shelves or benchtops.

c83c4230-c5a7-44eb-a9d1-fe145f6077c1 (1).png

2- Pack

2-pack is a paint finish that is sprayed on just like a car. Due to being a paint finish, the colours are endless as you can colour match to pretty much any paint brand. The finish is quite seamless and is available in many more door profiles than vinyl. Vinyl doors aren't as crisp as profiles on 2 pack doors.
Do keep in mind the hard corners on a 2-pack kitchen can be prone to chipping.

Timber Veneer

Timber veneer is real timber, sliced very finely and pressed onto an MDF board. It is a renewable and sustainable resource. It has been used for many years, and the timeless beauty of antique furniture attests to the lasting quality of veneering art.

Decorative Veneer is produced by slicing or peeling selected logs to an approximate thickness of 0.6mm. You can select from a  range of ways the timber is cut, as it provides many grain patterns and finishes. It’s durable and can be sanded back if damaged or scratched.

Timber veneer is a premium finish and can be quite costly but combine it with vinyl or 2-pack to balance the budget and keep a cohesive look. Use veneer in low-impact areas such as vertical surfaces (cabinet doors, for instance).


I hope this information has cleared up a few questions in regards to your Kitchen or Bathroom renovation and next week I will put together a range of different benchtop material options!

If you are needing assistance selecting colours and materials for your renovation, click on the button below and we can schedule a quick phone call to discuss how I can help eliviate that headache and ensure your renovation runs smoothly!

Melissa Lunardon
Melissa shares her Top 5 Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms have changed over the past 10 years and homeowners are becoming a little more adventurous with design and material choices.

I have put together 5 of my favourite design elements that you can easily incorporate into your new bathroom.

Statement Vanities


I am noticing trends from Europe where vanities look more like pieces of furniture, they are quite detailed and add lots of character to the space. 
Look for a vanity that has great storage and is easy to clean. 

Coloured Tiles


There are so many beautiful mosaic tiles on the market at the moment, they can act as an accent wall to the bathroom by using them on the vanity or shower wall for full impact.

Bold Painted Walls


A non-committal way of introducing colour to your bathroom is by painting the walls in an accent colour. This is also a great way to save money on tiles as you can just use tiles around the mandatory areas such as around the shower, bath and vanity and paint the remainder of the walls in a bold colour. At the end of the day, it's just paint and can easily be painted over if you get tired of that colour!

Stone Slab Walls


If a minimal colour and material palette is more your style, its all about less is more. Introducing large format stone slabs is a great way to achieve that look. There is no grout lines and gives a sense of luxury. If natural stone is out of the budget, consider using porcelain slabs. They look very realistic, practically maintenance free and not as expensive as real marble.

All About the Shower Head

To create an amazing bathroom experience, I believe it all comes down to the type of shower head you select. There are so many shower systems out at the moment, it all depends on how you and your family live. Think about flexibility, you might need a hand held shower to easily clean the tiled walls and shower screen but prefer a large rain head to wash your hair. There are multiple options you can use so you dont have to just stick to one!


Still Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you are planning on renovating your bathroom and still feel overwhelmed on where to start or what floor plan and materials might look best, I'd love to organise a chat over the phone to give you some ideas on where to start and how we can best work together to make your project as stress free and seamless as possible.

Click on the button below to book in a time.

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6 Fave Dining Chairs with Impact!

With lots of great trade fairs on at the moment, I love meeting new suppliers and catching up with existing suppliers that have just launched their new ranges for the season. So today I want to share with you my favourite contemporary dining chairs that I have come across during my travels.
These chairs can all work with a solid timber table and don't be afraid to mix different tones of timbers- not everything needs to be matchy matchy!


1. Max Dining Chair in Black Leather- Curious Grace
2. Ash Wood Dining Chair- Calibre Furniture
3. Wassu Dining Chair- La Forma
4. Avery Maja Armchair- Globe West
5. Lincoln Dining Chair- The Rug Collection
6. Brasilia Dining Chair- Zillo & Hutch

A few of these suppliers only sell to industry professionals, but lucky for you- you know an interior designer! 
So if any of these gorgeous chairs or other items you see on their websites have caught your eye, reply to this email and let me know your wish list and I can send you through pricing and availability.
The best part is they offer 10-40% off RRP and I would love to share these great savings with you!

If you feel overwhelmed restyling your interior, click on the link below to find out more about my Furniture & Styling Service!

Melissa Lunardon
Interior Design Trends for 2018/19

During the workshop I held at United Interiors on Thursday night, I presented some key trends that I think we will start, if not already be seeing in the interior design world!

So today I want to share with you my trend forecast and let me know what you think!
Keeping an eye on trends doesn't mean you have to start from scratch and purchase everything all new- its purely a way to see the way design is evolving and give you confidence to try and introduce some key pieces into your home!

•It sounds natural, but it's best to start with small accessories, such as a terracotta planter or velvet cushion. If you feel bold, then you can opt for a couch or even paint an entire wall! 
• The colours of the Terracotta range blend with grey, black, white, but also with natural materials such as wicker, rattan or wood. 

terracotta bed linen2.jpg

Darker Timbers
•There is a slight move away from the light oaks and bleached timbers we have seen recently with the Scandinavian look, but rich walnuts and darker stained timbers are making a comeback. 
Furniture pieces and kitchen cabinetry with beautiful details can create a warm and moody interior. Paired with deep blues and greens looks great.

dark kitchen.jpg

You have probably already seen an influx of terrazzo lately but this finish is one of my faves! Years ago, it was mostly used as flooring but the contemporary spin on this look has been to incorporate it within furniture, lighting, benchtops and furniture!

terrazzo kitchen.jpg

Natural stone benchtops are quite popular and are here to stay. A slight move away from the white Calacatta marbles with darker tones coming through.
Thin benchtops, creating a minimal look are huge in Europe and will start to be more prevalent in Australia.
A rise in porcelain products used for kitchen benchtops, splashbacks and bathroom walls. Porcelain is indestructible and slab sizes are huge, so minimal join lines!

dark marble 2.jpg
terracotta sofa.jpg
dark dining area.jpg
terrazzo bathroom.jpg
terrazzo table.jpg
dark marble.jpg
Melissa Lunardon
Taking the stress out of building or renovating.

Are you about to build a new home or take on a major renovation but don't know where to start in terms of design and colour selections? In this short video, i explain how hiring an interior designer takes that stress away.

I am offering a Complimentary 20 minute phone consult to discuss your project and how I can help.

Click on the link below to book in your spot!

Melissa Lunardon
Redesign TV Show with Melissa Lunardon

I have been working on a very exciting pilot for a brand new tv show called REDESIGN, where I transform the ordinary cafe into Australia‘s best place to be, and take homes to the next level in contemporary design. The design and renovation process will unfold on your TV screen. I will take a basic design idea and craft it into something truly spectacular. In this nationwide TV show we travel the length and breadth of this great country to find cafes‘ and homes in desperate need of a makeover to create an inspiring and trendy interior for both the owners and their patrons to truly enjoy.  It's all under wraps at the moment but I cant wait to share more! For now, here is a teaser....

Melissa Lunardon