With over 9 years experience, Melissa is a well respected and professional interior designer.

Every door is an opportunity and behind the door is a mirror to your world...hinged to the possibilities of imagination and design.

It is easy to be caught up in the latest trends, bombarded with images and ideas that can simply send one’s head spinning. Take the time to get to know yourself, what you like most, your inner aesthete, because your home can and should be an honest reflection of you and your family,  a place to feel safe, comfortable and the domain to show off your personality. That much you deserve and I can help you on your journey.


Meet Melissa

Not long ago, Melissa and her husband Tom built their weatherboard home in a beachside suburb in Melbourne, with their Labrador Cooney taking a keen interest in the whole affair. Taking a total leap of faith, Tom left the detailed selections and design entirely up to Melissa and is proud to say to this day that he was glad he had no input! "Our slice of life has become a place we love to return to every day, where we can relax, lie back, enjoy and entertain with family and friends."

As a professional interior designer and stylist, Melissa has a passion for interiors that reflect personality and soul and she is inspired by the character, colour and texture that nature and travel has to offer. Melissa loves simple clean lines and play on different textures and patterns. These are her strengths and the focus of her vision.

Melissa has literally worked from the ground up as a consultant for Urbanedge, understanding clients’ needs, assisting them with their new home selections, gaining trust and insight into their particular style choices and joining them on their ‘personal style’ journey.  

She has been working with Urbanedge Homes for a number of years as their Display Home Interior Designer with experience on upcoming displays, selecting materials and finishes, colours and furniture. Liaising with the Display Drafting, Estimating & Site Supervisor teams, she derives total satisfaction coming up with new and exciting designs ripe for realisation.

This is where Melissa's journey and your journey converge. With over 9 years’ experience in residential Interior Design, Melissa has decided to fully embrace her personal vision and use her skill set to engage the design world and its exponents, seeking out private clients in need of assistance with renovations and furniture styling in order to fulfil their fabulous  ‘Aussie Dreams’ and truly transform their house into a home.